April 28th, 2009

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Current Lyrics /It's The Only One You've Got/

Признаюсь, был несправедлив к последнему альбому 3 Doors Down. Когда прислушался, проникся текстами - протащился по полной программе. А кое-что до сих пор каждый раз цепляет за что-то в глубине души:

How do you know where you're going
When you don't know where you've been
You hide the shame that you're not showing
And you won't let anyone in.
A crowded street can be a quiet place
When you're walking alone
And now you think that you're the only one who doesn't

Have to try
Then you won't have to fail
If you're afraid to fly
Then I guess you never will
You hide behind your walls
Of maybe nevers
Forgetting that there's something more
Than just knowing better

Collapse )

It's The Only One You've Got // 3 Doors Down @ 3 Doors Down


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