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Working at Microsoft

Читаю на Slashdot'e "Working at Microsoft, the Inside Scoop", где кроме главного рассказа про работу в Microsoft есть ещё много разных рассказов бывших и настоящих сотрудников Microsoft.

  1. "I was the guy behind the the automated testing system that ran all of the developer tools tests for a couple years. There's a lot of moving parts in that system. It worked in spite of itself (it was all written in VB, ran against a single SQL box, but served thousands of 24/7 automation execution machines.. with hundreds of thousands of automated tests). I knew the code to that thing well.. but not because I liked the code (I didn't), but because I liked what it did. I liked the power it gave our test org, and the quality we could drive into the product. [...] The last thing Microsoft needs is more people writing code. What Microsoft needs is people writing better code." [ »» ]
  2. "The culture change I've observed here has been pretty satisfying. When I first complained that VB6 didn't work for debugging DLLs if you didn't have admin rights, a PM for VB told me "the NT security model is too hard, we're not going to bother figuring it out". That kind of crap doesn't fly at all any more." [ »» ]
  3. "If I work for an "evil company", does that make me evil? [...] Last I checked, I didn't choke babies, run over old ladies, or kill innocents, while trying to do a good job." [ »» ]
  4. "Nowdays Microsft is in everything from the Xbox to who knows how many software company aquisitions and trying to tie them together in a meaningful manor." [ »» ]
  5. "... He came back spouting the virtues of MSFT because he basically sold his values and convictions [the good kind] for a paycheque and status." [ »» ]
  6. "I was a contractor at Microsoft from 1995-1997, working on when it first came out, before Internet Explorer existed. As a result, I was apart of the permatemp class action lawsuit. [ »» ]
  7. "Corporations, especially large ones, tend to suffer from what I call "hive mind" or "borg mind." In reality, both metaphores are surprisingly apt." [ »» ]

Думаю, а хотел бы я работать в Microsoft'e? Наверное, всё ещё нет. Или уже нет.

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