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20 ways to say 'No'

Порою резкие отказы по работе приходится заменять на более приличные выражения. А тут вот подкинули целый словарик по грамотным отводам:

  1. I am in the middle of several projects
    • let people know when you have accepted other responsibilities
    • no need to make excuses if you don't have any free time
    • no one will fault you for having already filled your plate
  2. I am not comfortable with that
    • you might be uncomfortable with any of a number of issues
    • the people involved, the type of work, the morale implications, etc.
    • this is a very respectful way to avoid a sticky situation
  3. I am not taking on any new responsibilities
    • you aren't saying that you will never help out again
    • just that you feel your schedule is as full as you would like now
    • understanding your limits is a talent to be expected
  4. I am not the most qualified person for the job
    • if you don't feel that you have adequate skills, that's okay
    • it's better to admit your limitations up front
    • the best way to avoid feeling overwhelmed down the road
  5. I do not enjoy that kind of work
    • life isn't about drudgery -- if you don't enjoy it, why do it?
    • don't be afraid to let someone know you just don't want to
    • someone else is bound to enjoy the work you don't
  6. I do not have any more room in my calendar
    • be honest if your schedule is filled
    • "filled" doesn't have to mean really filled
    • know when you are scheduled as much as you are willing and stop
  7. I hate to split my attention among projects
    • let people know that you want to do a good job for them
    • but you can't when your focus is too divided or splintered
    • you will be more effective if you focus on one project at a time
  8. I have another commitment
    • it doesn't matter what the commitment is
    • it can even simply be time to yourself or with friends or family
    • you don't have to justify -- you simply aren't available
  9. I have no expirience with that
    • volunteering shouldn't mean learning an entirely new set of skills
    • suggest that they find someone who has experience in that area
    • offer to help out with something that you already know how to do
  10. I know you will do a wonderful job yourself
    • people often ask for help because they doubt their own abilities
    • let them know that you have confidence they will succeed
    • you are actually doing them a favor in the long run
  11. I need to focus more on my personal life
    • don't be ashamed of wanting to spend time with your family
    • having a strong family is an important priority in and of itself
    • be willing to put your personal needs first
  12. I need to focus on my career right now
    • often, you have to focus your energies on a work-related task
    • you may have to give up some civic or community duties
    • if you don't do it, someone else will take on the task
  13. I need to leave some free time for myself
    • it's okay to be selfish -- in a good way!
    • treat your personal time like any other appointment
    • block off time in your calendar and guard it with your life
  14. I would rather decline than do a mediocre job
    • know when you aren't going to be able to deliver a quality product
    • the reason doesn't matter -- not enough time, wrong skills, etc.
    • whatever the reason is enough for turning a request down
  15. I would rather help out with another task
    • saying no doesn't mean that you can't help at all
    • if someone asks you to do something you really despise, refuse
    • then offer to help with something you find more enjoyable
  16. Let me hook you up with someone who can do it
    • if you aren't available to help out, offer another qualified resource
    • helping to connect people is a valuable service to offer
    • make sure the person you refer will represent you well
  17. Not right now, but I can do it later
    • if you really want to help but don't have time, say so
    • offer to help at a later time or date
    • if they can't wait for you, they'll find someone else
  18. Some things have come up that need my attention
    • unexpected things happen that throw your schedule off
    • accept that you may need to make a few adjustments
    • it is temporary and you will have more time when life stabilizes
  19. This really is not my strong suit
    • it's okay to admit your limitations
    • knowing what you can handle and what you can't is a skill
    • your time will be more efficiently spent on something you do well
  20. NO
    • sometimes it's okay to just say no!
    • just say it in a way that expresses respect and courtesy
    • leave the door open for good relations

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