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[movies] Hots Shots! ++

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А вместо того, чтобы идти на новые картонно-патриотические "Зеркальные Войны" я сел пересматривать старые добрые Hot Shots. Смотрел наверное раз десятый, но на этот раз - на оригинальном английском, что заметно освежило старые шутки и добавило новых.

Wash Out: I need clearance to land on runway thirty... thirty... something!
Air Controller: Thirtysomething's been cancelled.

Topper: Those are some long legs...
Ramada: I just had them lengthened. Now they go all the way up.

Topper: So ... I guess you've been with a man before...
Ramada: I'm a virgin. I'm just not very good at it.

Topper: You've gotta be joking!
Ramada: If I were joking, I'd have said: "What do you do with an elephant with three balls?"
Topper: ???
Ramada: You walk him and pitch to the rhino.

Doctor: We gotta work fast. I got a lunch.
Tooper: You're missing the big picture, Doc!
Doctor: Nurse, check his penis isn't longer than mine.
Tooper: Can you save him?
Doctor: Can't be sure. I'm not a good doctor.

Кстати - я до сих пор не просмотрел многие из отмеченных фильмов. Есть ещё место для развития...


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